Senior Leadership Team Additional Responsibilities
Mrs Whittaker Headteacher Safeguarding Lead
Miss Edwards Deputy Headteacher Assessment Lead

Computing Subject Leader

Ms Kilpatrick Assistant Head EYFS Lead

Outdoor Learning Lead

Ms Hughes Assistant Head Phase 1 Leader


Mr Wright Assistant Head Phase 2 Leader

Equality and Vulnerable Groups Champion

Mr Harrison SEND Coordinator Physical Education Subject Leader
Middle Management
Ms Connolly Maths Lead
Ms Skates Reading Lead
Ms Swain Writing Lead
Class Teachers
Ms Gilbert Nursery Music Subject Leader
Miss Adamson Nursery Link for Newly Arrived Famlies
Miss Doherty Reception Design Technology Subject Leader
Miss Wololfall Reception PSHE Subject Leader
Miss O’Hanlon Year 1 Oracy Leader
Miss Doherty Year 1 Phonics Subject Leader
Miss Dudley Year 2 History Subject Leader
Mr Murphy Year 2 MFL Subject Leader
Ms Skates Year 3 Reading Subject Leader
Ms Miles Year 3 Educational Visits Coordinator
Ms O’Neil Year 4 Geography Subject Leader
Ms Garrity Year 4 Art Subject Leader
Ms Swain Year 5 Writing Subject Leader
Miss Clayton Year 5 Religious Education Subject Leader
Ms Connolly Year 6 Maths Subject Leader
Miss McArthur Year 6 Science Subject Leader
Additional Teachers
Mr Bass ICT Specialist
Ms Smith Outdoor Learning Specialist
Mr McGoverin P.E Specialist
Ms Yafai Cover Teacher
Mrs Begum SEN Family Link Worker Interventions Year 3 and Key Stage 1, SEN Parent Liaison, Delivering Workshops Supporting Literacy, Numeracy, Phonics and Reading at Home
Ms Bedford
Ms Bouzid
Ms Smith
Ms Saleh
Learning Support Assistants
Ms Muthana Nursery
Ms Doherty Nursery
Ms Moore Nursery
Ms Hale Nursery
Ms Foster Nursery
Ms McMahon Nursery
Ms Richards Nursery
Ms Lenden Nursery
Ms Kenny Nursery
Ms Hughes Nursery
Ms Abdulla Nursery
Ms Grant Nursery
Ms Daved Reception
Ms Ahmed Reception
Ms Stephenson Reception
Ms Wilcocks Reception
Ms Oruche Reception
Ms Fealey Year 1
Ms Bickerstaff Year 1
Ms Saunders Year 2
Ms Caine Year 2
Ms Owoo Year 3
Ms Idama Year 3
Mrs Fisher Year 4
Ms Diboe Year 4
Mrs Bouzid Year 5
Mr Paterson Year 5
Mr Molyneux Year 6
Ms Costabile Year 6
Additional Learning Support
Ms Ahmed
Ms Davies
Ms Sharp