School Council 


The School Council are a group of pupils who are elected to work on very important projects across the school. They work with Ms Hughes to tackle various tasks. Sometimes they work with other children, sometimes, teachers and sometimes special guests!


School Council 2017-2018 . Annual Report


Charity Fundraising


At the end of October 2017 the School Council took the decision to support the Whitechapel Centre, an organisation which supports homeless people and families in Liverpool.

On November 6th Charlotte Hopkins, a fundraiser for the Whitechapel Centre came to school to talk to the School Council about the different types of homelessness and the ways in which the Whitechapel Centre tries to help.

Inspired by Charlotte’s talk we will now organise a number of special fundraising events in order to support tour nominated charity beginning with Woolies for Whitechapel Day on Friday 1st December.


Woolies for Whitechapel

Woolies for Whitechapel Day raised £401.76. That’s 16 Christmas dinners and gifts for some of Liverpool’s most vulnerable people.

A special thanks goes to Samia ,the secretary of our School Council for preparing all the letters and publicity for the event.






School Lunch Update


Have you ever thought about how many teaspoons of sugar can be found in a flapjack? Well the School Council have and they were shocked to discover that a small flapjack contains at least 6 teaspoons of sugar a day! That is the recommended daily intake of sugar for a Primary aged child.



The School Council have been working with Phil (our chef) ,Ms Jen and Ms Hughes to try and make our lunches healthier. We have been investigating the amount of sugar in each of the puddings we have for lunch and what nutritious and tasty alternatives could be introduced.

The results were both surprising and worrying. So what can be done? Well on 8th November (after consulting with the rest of the school) the School Council took the decision by 14 votes to 2 that all sweet based desserts would be removed from the Lunch Menu from Monday 13th November and be replaced with a variety of fruits, including blackberries, black currents, raspberries, kiwi, pineapple and mango to name just a few. Flavoured milkshakes will also be replace with fresh juices such as cranberry and pineapple and Phil will offer a Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit special.

The School Council realise that this may be quite an unpopular decision within the school although We have been sensible and tried to build up support amongst our friends and members of our class but we also have come to realise that sometime you have to make difficult decisions in order to make things better, healthier and safer for everyone.

HOWEVER Phil has promised lots of treats for our annual Christmas school party, which is great.

REMEMBER Sugar is special and should only be used for celebrations




At the end of January we welcomed a new member to the school council, Abbas from 5C. Abbas joins us at time we have lots to think about.

Mrs Whittaker has asked us to decide what we want to be able to do in the playground.

Ms Hughes has challenged us to come up with more fundraising ideas in order to support the Whitechapel Centre. Mr Harrison is running in the ‘Rock and Roll ‘Liverpool Half marathon in May , he has very kindly decided to run on behalf of the Whitechapel centre so we will try and coordinate extra activities to go with this.

Ms Jen has asked us to investigate packed lunches and see if there is anything we can do in order to improve them.


The School Council has identified a number of improvements that they would like to see with the playground. The School Council would like to see an extra area set aside to play a variety of team games; we would like to be able to play these games in all weathers so this might mean the construction of an all-weather surface. We are keen to have quite areas but quite areas that cannot be disturbed by other children playing games and we would also like some large equipment and board games printed on tables.

The School council have identified 18 children who bring packed lunches of these only 5 bring the lunches on a regular basis. We have been asking the children what they bring in their lunch box and have come to the conclusion that it would be much better nutritionally if these children opted for school lunch. School Council will now investigate why these children bring a packed lunch and although we realise that it a choice to bring a packed lunch we will speak to Ms Jen to see what we can do.

School Council have decided to invite Mr Harrison to one of our meetings after half term to talk about our fund raising ideas.

March 2018

World Book Day

World book week and we had to decide the winner of the staff dressing up competition. We asked each member of staff a series of questions :

  • Who are you?
  • What book is your character from?
  • Why  have you chosen to be that character?
  • Did you make or buy your costume?

We interviewed characters from Alice in Wonderland, The BFG, The Worst Witch, The Twits, We’re going on a Bear Hunt, Harry Potter and Space Dog

Having considered all the evidence we awarded Ms Mac 3rd prize for her portrayal of Mrs Twit, She said she is very like Mrs Twit! Mr Patterson was runner up for the BFG, he had fantastic props and had learnt to walk on raised platforms. The winner was Ms Garrity,who managed to stay in character the whole time as Mildred Hubble from The Worst Witch. Ms Garrity wanted to promote the book, and encourage the children to read it.

Governors’ week

Ranya, Fatima, Usman and Raayan had a lovely time interviewing Mr Forde and Mrs Goodridge, two of our governors. They wanted to know lots of things. How long they had been a governor, why they had chosen to be a governor at Kingsley Community School and what else they do for the community.

They learnt that both Mr Forde and Mrs Goodridge have been governors for over 20 years, they have both lived in this community, in Mr Forde’s case all of his life and in Mrs Goodridge’s case ever since she came to Liverpool from Trinidad.  For many years Mrs Goodridge was involved with the Caribbean Centre and the carnival, Mr Forde is an ambassador for the local greenhouse Project. Both Mr Forde and Mrs Goodridge were awarded a special certificate for long service to the school.


The School Council would like to thank the Governors for meeting with us and telling us all about what they like about being a Governor. We hope that we will be able to spend more time getting to know you in the future.


 Not a great deal to report this month BUT OUR NEW LIBRARY HAS ARRIVED! HURRAY!


We have a fun raising event planned for Friday 18th May. As you know Mr Harrison is running is taking part in Liverpool’s Rock and Roll half Marathon on Sunday 20th May. Mr Harrison told us all about his route. It’s a long way. Imagine running from the school to John Lennon airport and back!

We are going to be running (or walking) around our school field to raise money for our chosen charity while supporting Mr Harrison.

We have written our letter to parents and designed our poster. We are going to have a competition to decide how long it will take Mr Harrison to run his half marathon. Some of the younger children are worried it will take him a long time!

We raised a magnificent £434. Well done everyone.

Mr Harrison ran the half Marathon in a time of 1hour 24 minutes. He came 61st out of over 8,000 runners WOW!

Year 2D won the competition with an estimation of 1hour 24 minutes and 42 seconds.

The school council are now planning a fun afternoon for Y2D as a prize for their very accurate estimate.



Lots of parents came to our Eid party after school on Monday 18th June. We have never seen so many cakes in all our life. Y6 did a great job in serving the cakes making sure that everyone was having a great time. DJ Don was on hand to make the party go with a swing.

SPORTS WEEK beginning 25th June arranged by Mr Harrison. HURRAY!

We had a focus on disability awareness so and lots of important and interesting visitors and coaches came in to talk to us and lead sessions.

Art week, Ms Garrity arranged for artists to come to school to help improve our skills.

Finally the school Council would like to say good bye and good luck to our year 6 who sign off