School Council

School Council 


The School Council are a group of pupils who are elected to work on very important projects across the school. They work with Ms Hughes to tackle various issues. Sometimes they work with other children, sometimes teachers and sometimes special guests and visitors!


On 17th of September we elected our new School Council. Sixteen children were elected, a girl and a boy from each of the eight Key Stage 2 classes.

Here is a list of who we elected.



Seema 3C Qaith 3C
Emily 3S Muhammed 3M
Nafisa 4O Lawen 4O
Kalood 4G Laith 4G
Khadeeja 5S Atila 5S
Marwa 5P Zanwer 5P
Amina 6M Mubarak 6M
Fatima 6C Yusuf A 6C


 Casting a vote. Democracy in action.

A boy and a girl were then selected from Year 6C to lead the Council throughout the year.



First Jobs:

First aid training. 27th September 2018

Joy from St John’s Ambulance came to school to train all the Year 5 and 6 school councillors and some of Ms Edward’s Play Leaders in basic first aid.

Look what we had to do.


We had lots of research to do and had lots of practice with various techniques.

 Remember DRS ABC. This what you have to remember order to help someone successfully.                                                                                                                     


      Learning how to clear the airways                            Completing our research






Our favourite part was learning how to bandage a head injury.


The trained first-aiders will now work alongside Ms Graston at playtime and lunchtime , looking after those children who need help.

Online survey

We completed the City Council’s  on line survey. The questionnaire asked us what we liked about Liverpool and how we could help the council make our city more child friendly. We told the council that we really liked all the people who live in Liverpool, there are so many different people and they are all friendly but we also told the council that a big issue was the litter all around the streets. We told them we felt listened to as children in school and at home but we felt that very important people like the council never listened to us children.