Hello there, my name is Miss Mac and I am the very proud teacher of 6M.

This year we have are showered with extra hands, Ms Fisher, Mr Molyneux, Ms Graston  are our wonderful LSAs. Guest appearance from Mrs Ahmed AND we are very honoured, in Year 6 this year, to have a student teacher – Miss Ashcroft – who will be with Year 6 for the entire year.

Monday: Homework to come back to school. After-school hockey/computer club.

Tuesday: Timetables and spelling check in class. After-school girls football/forest school club.

Wednesday: Reading books home. After-school boys football club

Thursday: Timetables and spelling check in class.

Friday: Homework to go home. After-school athletics club.

Every week the children of Year 6 are expected to complete SIX reading books on Reading Plus (a fantastic online resource available to the children to use whenever.)

Along with the adults in school, please continue to encourage and support your children to participate as much as they possibly can with homework, reading and after-school clubs.

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Student Council Members for 6M



Here is a copy of our book review template. You are allowed to use Reading Plus tow write a book review – use this template to help you.