Our Mathematics Pupil Progress Co-ordinator is Miss Connolly.



Liverpool Counts Quality Mark



Our aim is to develop a philosophy for ‘Numeracy for Life’, promoting a positive attitude to Maths as an essential life skill, not just as something for the classroom. We will be looking for different ways to show the pupils that maths skills are used across the whole curriculum and consistently in everyday life.


Liverpool Counts Quality Mark


Thanks to all staff and pupils for promoting maths across our school – We love Maths!


Door Challenges 

Always apply skills – Compete against your peers.

Have you tried our door challenges?

How do teachers use maths in their everyday lives?


Challenge your independent maths skills and complete as many challenges as you can.


Will you be Kingsley’s next Maths Challenge Champion?


Pi Day


Tuesday 14th March kingsley pupils will be celbrating all thing Pi  π

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14. March is the 3rd month, so it looks like 3/14


What is Pi? 


The distance half way around the circle is 3.14159265…
a number known as Pi

Pi (the symbol is the Greek letter π) is:


Finding Pi Yourself

Draw a circle, or use something circular like a plate.

Measure around the edge (the circumference):

plate circumference 82

82 cm


Measure across the circle (the diameter):


plate diameter

26 cm


82 cm / 26 cm = 3.1538…

That is pretty close to π. Maybe if I measured more accurately?

In fact π is approximately equal to:



Watch out for our exciting activities that we will be getting involved in during Pi day!

See individual class pages to see what exciting activities were happening here at Kingsley during Pi day.

Hope you all had fun!