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In the Early Years we have Nursery and Reception classes.

Our youngest children come in at 2 years old, where they enter either the Yellow or the Blue Room.

Most children, when they are 3years old, stay with us in the Red for the rest of their time in Nursery Class.

When they are ready to attend Reception Class their parents need to apply to the Local Education Authority stating which school they wish their child to attend. This happens early in their final year of Nursery. They are then informed by the Local Authority as to which school they have been allocated. Most children from our Nursery are allocated Kingsley.

3 Year Plan

Kingsley Early Education Centre


Vision Statement


We aim to provide a rich learning environment where children and adults are valued and given a voice: creating a place of harmony, within diversity, where children thrive, feel safe, happy and continue to learn.


Teaching and Learning in Kingsley Early Years Foundation Stage


We firmly believe that children learn best when they feel happy and secure and we make every effort to facilitate this. We give lots of opportunities for our children to learn through play, we offer both indoor and outdoor provision, which the children are free to explore.


Every child has a Key Person who has particular responsibility for that child. They talk with parents and ensure they are kept informed regarding the child's development. We email parents regularly with updates regarding their child's learning at school and we ask the parents to inform us also of things the child is doing at home.


The Department of Education provides a booklet entitled ‘Early Years Outcomes’, it is this that supports us in planning our curriculum in the Early Years at Kingsley as the children work towards the ‘Early Learning Goals’

Children develop at different rates but generally go through similar stages. We use the ‘typical behaviour’ outlines in ‘Early years outcomes’ when planning activities for individuals and groups of children.


Our long term planning gives an overview of topics we intend to cover. Medium term planning considers possible lines of development within this topic. For our short term planning we focus on using the children’s own interests and needs, to move their learning forward.  As much as possible we encourage the children to learn through play. We understand the importance of child initiated activities and all children are given time to pursue these.  As the children progress through the Early Years more time is teacher directed but play is still valued and encouraged.


The areas we cover in Early Years are divided into two main groups: Prime and Specific Areas

The Prime Areas are: Language and Communication; Physical development; Personal, social and emotional development. It is really important that the children develop in these areas because they are the foundation on which all other learning takes place and so a lot of time is spent ensuring that this happens.

The Specific Areas are: Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the world; Expressive arts and design. Through these areas the three prime areas are strengthened and applied.


More information regarding the early years curriculum can be found using the following links.


This is an outline of our 3year plan. This ensures that children who stay with us throughout their Early Years have opportunity to experience a broad and varied curriculum.


This is programme is variable, dependant on children’s interests, but it gives a basis on which to base learning.

We remember festivals – Easter, Holi, Eid ul Fitr ( after Ramadan), Eid u Adha (after hajj), Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas etc. Also we have special days and weeks each year e.g. Book Week, Maths Week, Sports Week etc.








half term



Black History Week


Animals – Polar, bears


Chinese New Year

Patterns / Growth



half term

Colour / light

Animals – farm, pets

Water / Journeys








half term

Ourselves / family, people who are special to us


Black History Week




Chinese New Year





half term



Animals – zoo








half term

Ourselves / All about me


Black History Week




Chinese New Year

Local environment



half term

Homes / traditional tales / materials

eg straw, wood and bricks


Sounds around eg Peace at last

Transport / journeys


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