School Council 


September –December 2019

On 13 of September we elected our new School Council. Sixteen children were elected, a girl and a boy from each of the eight Key Stage 2 classes. Zanwer in 6C was chosen as a non-elected elected executive member. It was felt that Zanwer would be the best person to lead the school following all his dedicated and hard work last year.

Here is a list of who we elected.



Aminah 3C Zidan 3C
Fatima 3H Aland 3H
Sarra’a 4O Ismail 4O
Hamza 4G Rowaan 4G
Magda 5S Matthias 5S
Aisha 5P Justin 5P
Vicky 6M Yusuf 6M
Harnoor 6C Ahmed G 6C


Here we are voting for our councillors:

The school council  elected Zanwer from 6C to lead the council with Ahmed G and Harnoor as his deputies.

The council also elected year representatives as follows Fatima will represent Y3, Sarra’a Y4 and Justin Y5.

The school council prepared their Action plan for the year.

School Council Action Plan for Autumn term

Action Needed Action completed Action needed
Link councillors for Nursery/Reception Y6 appointed Talk with EYFS teachers about their ideas for the playground. Spend a day with EYFS getting to know how an outdoor area can work effectively.
Link councillors for Y1 Y5- Aisha/ Justin Y1G

Y5- Maggie/Matthias Y1C

Q to explore with children. What would you like to be able to do in our playground?
Link councillors for Y2 Y4-Rowaan/Hamza Y2W

Y4- Sarra’a/ Ismail Y2M

As above
Decide on ‘Charity of the year School Council would still like to support the Whitechapel Centre at Christmas with ‘Woollies for Whitechapel ‘but then would like to change Claire House Woollies for Whitechapel Day will be 13th December to link with Christmas fayre.

Poster and letters need to be prepared