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Year 3 week 1 home learning

Year 3 distance learning week 2.

Year 3 Week 3 Home Learning

Year 3 Week 4 Home Learning

Year 3 Week 5 home learning

Year 3 Week 6 Home Learning


Hello everybody – we are Year 3H.

Our teachers are Ms Hughes and Mr Harrison so can you guess why we are called 3H?

We also have two amazing assistants, Ms Owoo and Mrs Saunders. Can you spot where we have used alliteration?

You see we are always ready to learn and use our skills in all sorts of ways.

When we began in Y3H we worked as a class team to decide what sort of Year 3 we were going to be.

We decided we are going to be:

  • active learners
  • resilient and always try our very best
  • kind and helpful, especially to new classmates.

It is now October and we are really working hard, both Ms Hughes and Mr Harrison are planning lots of great lessons but we are really enjoying our Science and our Topic lessons. Lots to learn about rocks the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

We are also studying a picture book called Return by Aaron Becker. We recommend you take a look at this book, you will be astonished as you follow the adventures of the characters. We are writing our own setting descriptions to match the pictures. You can do this with a picture book; it’s like stepping inside it.

Now let’s take a look at us learning all about historical chronology.

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