Hello there, my name is Miss Mac and I am the very proud teacher of 6M. I work alongside the wonderful Ms Fisher and Mr Molyneux


As you are aware, Year 6 is a challenging year for all pupils but it is also the most rewarding year. Our time in Year 6 is precious so we try to make the most of it. We all work hard, we try our best and we celebrate ALL our achievements.

Every week the children of Year 6 are expected to complete FIVE reading books on Reading Plus (a fantastic online resource) and ONE vocabulary.

Along with the adults in school, please continue to encourage and support your children to participate as much as they possibly can with homework, reading and attending after-school clubs.



Monday: Homework to come back to school. After-school computer club

Tuesday: Timetables and spelling check in class. P.E. kits!

Wednesday: Timestables and spelling check in class. After-school football club

Thursday: Timetables and spelling check in class.

Friday: Homework to go home. After-school athletics. P.E. Kits!

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Book Review Template

Should you want to write a book review, here is a simple template you can follow – remember, you can also type up your book reviews and send them to Miss Mac over Reading Plus.


Book Title __________________________

1. Can you tell me what the book was about?

2. Who was your favourite character and why?

3. What was your favourite part of the book and why?

4. Did you like this book and who would you recommend this book to?

This review was written by_____________________