During Lockdown only a few children will be attending Nursery and Reception classes. For everyone else you can access our learning opportunities through this webpage or EyLog. If you do not have internet access hard copies for the children are available, please contact the school to find out more.
You will be contacted once school reopens fully and all children can attend again. We look forward to that time. Take care and Keep safe. 🙂

Hello and Welcome to the EYFS Homepage

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It is our aim in Kingsley to ensure we give each child in our care the best possible start to their education. We do this with a team of dedicated staff who work tirelessly to provide a warm, friendly and nurturing environment, where each child is valued and supported to reach their full potential.

In our Early Years we aim to provide a rich learning environment where children and adults are valued and given a voice: creating a place of harmony, within diversity, where children thrive, feel safe, happy and continue to learn.

Here in Kingsley School we boast a wide cultural and ethnic mix and we are grateful for the opportunities this brings.

We want our children to have fun as they play and learn. We have large classrooms and an extensive outdoor area which the children can access and explore.

Our children’s emotional wellbeing is of paramount importance and we work closely with parents to achieve this.

In our Early Years we have Nursery and Reception classes.

Our youngest children come in at 2 years old, where they enter the ‘Blue Room’. Here the children enjoy learning alongside their peers supported by their key person and other adults, including their class teacher.

Many children, when they are 3 years old, stay with us in the ‘Red Room’ for the rest of their time in Nursery Class. Again the children have a class teacher and a key person, who support them on their learning journey.

Most children from our Nursery continue on into our Reception classes at Kingsley.

However when the children are ready to attend Reception Class their parents need to apply to the Local Education Authority stating which school they wish their child to attend. This happens early in their final year of Nursery. They are then informed by the Local Authority as to which school they have been allocated.

Areas of learning

Your child will mostly be taught through games and play.

The areas of learning are:

  • communication and language
  • physical development
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design


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Your child’s progress will be reviewed when they’re between 2 and 3years old, by an early years class teacher

Their class teacher will assess each child at the end of the school year when they turn 5. These assessments are based on classroom observation – your child won’t be tested. It uses the early learning goals, which can be found in the early years framework.

We use the Government statuary and non-statuary guidelines to support us in our work:-

The early years foundation stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning, development and care of your child from birth to 5 years old.

All schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers must follow the EYFS, including child-minders, preschools, nurseries and school reception classes.

To find out more about this speak to one of our staff members or visit the Government website.  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/early-years-foundation-stage-framework–2