Welcome to Kingsley Reception and thank you for taking the time to visit our class page. We hope you find all the information you need and enjoy looking at what we’ve been getting up to.

Who’s Who?

Class Teachers


Mrs Igglesden (Mrs I) 

Owls group  

Miss Chambers  

Hedgehogs group  

Mrs Gilbert

Foxes group


Learning Support Assistants

 Mrs Doherty  Mrs Wilcocks   Mrs Ahmed Ms Foster



Mrs Stephenson will also be helping with reading.


EY Log

We will also communicate using EY Log and will send details of this to you soon.  Please look out for the email and ensure you activate your account when you receive the link, this email may go to your ‘Junk’ folder. We will notify you when we have sent this. We use EY Log as a way of sharing and celebrating the work your child is doing whilst in school and we would also ask you to use EY Log as an extra form of communication if you are unable to speak to us when dropping off or picking up your child.



Our Twitter handle is @Kingsley_EYFS. Follow our page to see highlights from our learning journey this year.


Forest School & PE

The children attend forest school and PE on a Thursday with Ms Smith, Ms Rogers and Mrs Kilpatrick. They will learn new skills and develop an understanding of the outdoor world and a love for nature. We will go out in all-weather so please remember to bring a waterproof coat with a hood and WELLY BOOTS, these can be bought from ASDA or Tesco.  We would also recommend that you send your child to school with a hat, scarf and gloves for the colder months. Remember to write your child’s name on everything, please.

The children will also have PE on Thursday so please send your child to school wearing sports clothes. (Joggers, a polo shirt and trainers would be fine.)


Spare clothes

Please send spare clothes into school: joggers; socks; a top and underwear. Put these into a bag with your child’s name on it.


Home Reading

Reading at home with your little one is extremely important and we would ask that you try to do this a few times a week. Encourage your child to talk about the pictures, ask them who, what, where, why and how questions to help improve their comprehension skills. Once phonics sounds have been taught in school and your child is ready to read a book with words, we would ask that you read at home with them as often as possible, encourage them to apply their phonics knowledge of decoding as well as encouraging them to use the pictures to help as well. The teacher or learning support assistant will make notes and send these home ensuring you are always aware of your child’s progress in reading and anything that you could be doing to help at home. We also ask that you make a note telling us how they read at home with you.

Purple book bags must be brought into school on a Friday and will be returned on a Monday with a new book and a library book.


Here are some questions you could ask you child when reading with them:

Before reading the book: 

Can you point to the title? or What is this? (pointing to the title)

What do you think this story will be about?

What might happen in the story?

Who is in the story?


During the reading of the book:

What is happening here?

What is ______ doing?

What might happen next?

How do you think the story might end?

Is __________ friendly/ mean/ nice…?

What does ______ mean? (To check understanding of a word)


At the end of the book:

Did you like this book? Why?

What was your favourite part? Why?

Which character did you like the best? Why?

Why did that character do … (give a situation/ event from the story)?

What happened in the story?


General questions you might like to ask:

Who is in the story?

Where is the story set?

Can you use the pictures to tell part of the story?

How do you think the story will end?

What will happen next?

Do you like the characters? Why?

What happens in the story?

What did the characters say? Why?

How did a character scare, upset or help another character?

Has this ever happened to you? How did you feel?

Did the story make you think of something that has happened to you or someone you know?




Phonics will be taught every day in Reception, each week the children will be introduced to 3 new sounds. The more sounds they know, the more words they will be able to build and read. We will always keep you informed of the sounds taught via our weekly newsletter and would really appreciate your help in doing a little bit of work at home to help further their understanding.




We are very lucky to be participating in music sessions with ‘BeatLife’, who will be coming in every Thursday afternoon to teach drumming, singing, listening skills and much more. The children do not need to bring anything for these sessions as everything will be provided.


School Start and End Times

Drop off: 8.30am-9.00am

Pick up: 3.00pm – 3.20pm

If your child is feeling unwell and will not be attending school, please ensure you phone the school office to let them know.

If you are late when coming to school and the gate is closed, please take your child to the main office.

If you are late for pick up, please go to the main office and give details of your child’s name and class, so that a member of staff can collect your child from class and bring them to you at the office.


Contact Details

Please remember to always inform the office or class teacher if you change your mobile phone number, email address or home address. It is extremely important to notify us of these changes as we need to be able to contact you throughout the year.



Please ensure that ALL adults collecting your child are aware of the password you have given us. Do not share this with anyone other than those responsible for picking up your child. If you know someone different is going to be collecting your child, PLEASE LET US KNOW. This makes it a lot easier when dismissing the children at the end of the day.