Our Art and Design Co-ordinator is Ms Garrity.



Learning through art and design for the 21st Century in Kingsley Community School.

At Kingsley Community School we are passionate about the arts and we love to develop and use our art and design skills across the curriculum and through wider projects and experiences.

We believe that Art and Design activities should allow children to develop their own thinking and questioning skills. Art and Design is part of a wider spiritual, moral, social and cultural curriculum, which will enable children to gain important knowledge and understanding of the world around them and its people, and prepare them for the future by:

  • Introducing a unique visual language
  • Combining ideas and thoughts with senses and emotions
  • Valuing diversity and individuality
  • Intellectual and physical development
  • Allowing time for reflection
  • Promoting innovation, risk taking and problem solving
  • Developing a positive awareness of different cultures and traditions
  • Children articulate their own ideas and develop the ability to make critical judgments
  • Promoting playfulness and curiosity
  • Sensitivity, empathy and intuitiveness
  • Self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Ability to collaborate with other people and take the views of other people into account
  • Independence
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • Making links between unusual concepts and circumstances.
  • Developing confidence
  • Acquisition of new skills
  • Developing the imagination
  • Encourages experimental approaches
  • Being excited, absorbed, and motivated

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In 2017 we had an art week and produced some amazing work, which you can see in the photos on this page. In 2018 we look forward to welcoming lots of different artists to help all classes produce a variety of art with a multicultural theme. We will also be researching a range of artists and producing some self-portraits using drawing skills. Look out for more exciting photos and tweets!


At Kingsley Community School we are thrilled to be working with Liverpool Biennial and artist Mohamed Bourouissa to build a new garden which will stay in place long beyond the end of the festival in October. This garden looks at the story of therapy through gardening, finding a space to organise thoughts and restructure mental space within the planning and preparation of the garden.

In 2018, Bourouissa wants to not just recreate this garden but apply the lessons of therapy through gardening to his work with the community in Granby. Once finished the garden will be a space of resilience for those who need it. A true legacy of Liverpool Biennial 2018.

If you’d like to be part of this, and would like to be involved in creating a space that could potentially have a positive impact on people who need it, you can join us on Saturday afternoons until the Biennial opens in July.

In school the children will be joining the Biennial project and taking part in a variety of art and design workshops involving drawing and sculpture making.