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At Kingsley Community Primary School, we aim to provide all our children with opportunities to be creative and imaginative whilst providing invaluable experiences to implement lifelong skills. Design and Technology (DT) at Kingsley encourages our children to produce purposeful and innovative designs through careful planning and critiquing of not just their own work, but the work of their peers. We encourage paired and group work to allow the children to support and share their ideas, making oracy a key component of this subject.


DT is taught throughout the school and each term is split between DT and Art, with these subjects alternating on a half termly basis. In doing this, it enables teachers to cover all the necessary elements required to ensure that topics are delivered to a high standard. The children can use this time to think creatively, construct with a purpose in mind, critique work and evaluate carefully. We are very fortunate to have an abundance of high quality resources throughout the school, but we also like to encourage our children to show care and consideration for the planet by encouraging them to reuse materials from home and around the school, where possible. Each class has a highly skilled Learning Support Assistant (LSA) who ensure that all children have access to the topics taught throughout each year group.

DT lessons at Kingsley provide wonderful opportunities for cross curricular links. ICT is used across all year groups for researching, as well as books to read and other literary resources. Reading and researching are key elements required as well as promoting good oracy skills. We aim to encourage our children to share and present information they have found and to talk confidently and proudly about their own designs. We often combine elements of maths within DT where children will ‘measure up’ during the design and make phase, children may consider other maths elements such as shape, both 2D and 3D. As well as this, they will weigh ingredients for cooking and price up these working within a set budget. The children will use problem solving skills to ensure affordability of the ingredients selected.


The children create a final product which proudly demonstrates the skill, thought, time and effort that goes into the process. It is clear to see the progression of skills across the school as this has been clearly mapped out for each year group. Progression is also evident through the quality of products created in each year group. We believe that when each year group puts in the building blocks and prior skills and learning, it helps to support development throughout the rest of the school.

Progression of Skills

DT Progression of Skills KS1 DT Progression of Skills Lower KS2 DT Progression of Skills Upper KS2


Module Cover Sheets

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Food Food Food Control – Electrical Food Food
Mechanisms Mechanisms Mechanisms Food Mechanisms Mechanical systems
Structures Textiles Structures Textiles Textiles Structures


Year 1

Year one have been working very hard in DT and have been making houses for the mouse, from their Literacy text, Hermalin. The children brought in lots of recyclable items and used these to create their designs. Year one kindly donated some of their houses to Reception and they have thoroughly enjoyed using these in their small world area.



Year 2

Year 2 have been making fruit kebabs, choosing from a delicious selection of healthy foods. They have been learning about a balanced diet and what types of food they need to eat in order to stay healthy, so they decided it would be a great idea to make their own fruit snack.




Year 3

The children have made fantastic photo frames after having read the book, ‘Seen and Not Heard’. It tells a story of children in pictures on a wall who, when no one is looking, come alive.


Year 4

Year 4 have been making gloves and have linked this to their vehicle text, ‘Leaf’ which is about a polar bear who gets lost. They have also been studying the Arctic in Geography which is where polar bears live. With all this in mind, they thought it would be a great idea to design a pair of gloves in DT in order to keep their hands warm if they were to visit the Arctic.



Year 5

Year 5 have been planning and creating flying machines which linked to their literacy book, ‘Farther’. In this book, a young boy makes his father’s dream a reality by building wings to make him fly. The children also researched the word of ‘da Vinci’ and studied his sketches and designs, noticing how they looked very similar to birds.



Year 6


Year 6 have been busy creating a meal on a budget for a person in prison. This idea came about from their Literacy text Hansel and Gretel who had no food and would have survived off very little. As well as this, Year 6 looked at the Tudors, and the significant differences between the poor and the rich, planning a meal for both and shopping for this. `