Reading is an area that we are really passionate about here at Kingsley Community School.  Our aim is to develop eager confident readers who are familiar with a wide range of genres such as historical fiction, science fiction, mystery and adventure stories as well as non-fiction.  We wish to develop independent learning so feel that the teaching of reading is at the heart of this.


  • have the opportunity to read for pleasure.
  • have the ability to read aloud fluently and with expression
  • develop the ability to read for meaning
  • develop the skills required for the critical reading of texts
  • be encouraged to read a wide range of fiction, poetry and non-fiction materials
  • be taught using a range of strategies including- phonics cues, visual cues, contextual cues, grammatical cues
  • be encouraged to listen attentively
  • gain awareness of the close links between reading and writing activities


Book Week

Reading Ambassadors

Our school has Reading Ambassadors, who champion reading across all the year groups – they even went on a visit to showcase their skill and passion for reading.

Book Reviews

Our children have written some lovely reviews about the books they love the most – have a look and maybe give one of their recommendations a try!

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Trip to Waterstones

The children enjoyed a trip to Waterstones where they were able to see and read new books while out and about in Liverpool.

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Reading Cafe

We have opportunities for parents to come to the reading cafe to share the experience of reading and story time with their children.

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Reading Corners

Each class has it’s own reading corner – even the KS2 corridor has it’s own reading den for children to relax and read in.

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