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Geography Intent

At Kingsley Community school our intent is to deliver a geography curriculum that promotes curiosity and a love for learning. We endeavor to provide our pupils with an education for life. The Geography curriculum is designed to promote the intellectual, spiritual, moral, cultural, emotional and physical development of pupils whilst preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Geography implementation

Geography is taught through topics, discrete lessons where children are given a geographic knowledge and understanding of world.  They are also introduced to geographical enquiry and encouraged to develop a sense of identity through learning about the U.K. and its relationship with the rest of the world.

Geography units are taught in rotation with History. Where possible cross-curricular links are made with other subjects. Pupils studying Geography will be required to apply mathematical ideas and skills, such as the use of co-ordinates. Data handling is part of enquiry work, problem solving and hypothesis testing in Geography. Much enquiry in Geography is similar to scientific investigation as it involves hypothesis, observation, recording and interpretation.

As the children progress through the school they learn age appropriate geographical knowledge and skills through different geography topics. Each year group studies three different Geography topics.  This provides the children with opportunities to practice and develop their geographical skills and become super geographers.

Through knowledge of their pupils, class teachers can decide which ways pupils can be grouped to facilitate a variety of classroom activities. The class teacher has the freedom to decide how to deliver the topics using the appropriate resources. This will take into account the pupil’s levels of achievement, maturity and interests ensuring a child centered curriculum that is enriching.

Each Geography topic has an opportunity for experiential learning through a school trip, educational visit or fieldwork. The local area provides an important opportunity for fieldwork that will enhance the children’s knowledge and skills.

Geography Impact

At Kingsley Community school we use assessment to ensure that subject knowledge and skills are progressing through each topic. At the start of each geography topic we encourage the children to self-assess what they already know as a starting point. Throughout the topic there are opportunities for the children to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Subject and school leaders also monitor the impact of our Geography curriculum through routine monitoring which includes looking at children’s books, displays and listening to pupil voice.

Geography National Curriculum


Progression of Skills

Geography Progression of Skills KS1 Geography Progression of Skills LKS2 Geography Progression of Skills UKS2


Module Cover Sheets

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Castles – map work Aunty Rosie Forest study Arctic Biomes Peak District – field study Antartica study
Forests Non European study – Mexico Jemmy Button {Tierra del Feugo} Countries of the world Rainforest Study Fairtrade
U.K place study – Liverpool River Mersey Volcanoes and Earthquakes Europe including the mediterranean USA Migration