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History Intent

At Kinsley Community School our intent is to give all pupils a safe and engaging environment to reach their full potential; intellectually, socially, morally, emotionally and culturally. We use every lesson to encourage a resilience within the pupils to challenge themselves and to achieve through a love of learning. We strive to make our curriculum experiential to hook the children into each new topic and to make memories that they will never forget.

History Implementation

History is taught through topics, discrete lessons where children are given knowledge and understanding of history and its chronology. They are also taught essential skills of interpreting historical sources, how to organise and sort historical information, to develop historical enquiry and to pose questions of historical events or periods. As pupils’ knowledge becomes embedded, the topic is used to enhance learning in other subjects. Art, drama, music and writing can all be linked to the history curriculum, which enables the children to demonstrate their mastery of other curriculum areas.

As the pupils progress through the school they learn age appropriate historical knowledge and skills through different history topics. Each year group will cover three different history topics. This provides the children opportunities to practice and develop their historical skills and became greater historians.

History is delivered to each class by their highly capable teachers, who have a wealth of knowledge and resources to support learning and to explore concepts. Our history curriculum is linked to other subjects to give pupils an immersive learning experience, which enables them to develop and demonstrate their historical knowledge in other subjects.

Each history topic has an opportunity for experiential learning through a school trip, educational visit or an expert workshop. We believe this is the best way to nurture a love for history and enthuse the children in their current topic. Not to forget the memories they will make during these experiences.

Historical Impact

At Kingsley Community School we use assessment task to ensure subject knowledge and skills are progressing through each topic. At the start of each history topic we encourage the children to self-assess what they already know as a starting point. Throughout the topic there are tasks which present the children with opportunity to prove their knowledge and skills. Subject and school leaders also monitor the impact of our history curriculum through a process on monitoring, which includes book looks and listening to pupil voice from each year group.

Progression of Skills

  Progression of Skills Year 1     Progression of Skills Year 2     Progression of Skills Year 3  
  Progression of Skills Year 4     Progression of Skills Year 5     Progression of Skills Year 6  


Unit Cover Sheets

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night Christopher Columbus A Sporting City Ancient Eygpt Ancient Greece Baghdad c. AD 900
The Wright Brothers – first flight Food long ago and now Stone Age to Iron Age Anglo-Saxons and Scots Slave trade in the city Crime and Punishment
Titanic Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela The Romans Vikings WWI WWII in Liverpool


Galleries and Events

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