Our phonics programme is based on ‘Letters and Sounds’ Phase One to Four, Jolly Phonics Phase Two and Three and Liverpool School Improvement Plans Year One and Two phonics.

These resources provide a structured scheme to support teachers and teaching assistants in delivering daily, high quality synthetic phonics across The Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.  We aim to provide all our pupils with multi-sensory, fun and engaging phonic sessions.


Pupils entering Nursery begin working within Phase One.  Reception pupils are expected to be working in Phase Two and Three and usually enter Year One ready to begin Phase Four.


Phonics Play and The Phonics Bug Reading Scheme fully supports our phonics programme.


All Year one children are formally assessed in June by an unseen government Phonic Screening Check.  The children are asked to decode forty words, twenty real words and twenty ‘alien words’.  Results of this screening check are reported to parents.  Any child who does not reach the expected standard in Year One will repeat the check in Year Two.