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Secondary School Worries

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The Resilience Framework can be downloaded here: resilience-framework


Mental Health Awareness 2020

Kindness and Resilience at Kingsley School

Resilience means having the ability to recover quickly from difficulties and learning how to cope with uncertainty, by making the most of the resources that you have around you and adapting to changing situations. Kindness is a big part of helping you to build your resilience. Building resilience is also about being kind to yourself, so that challenges become easier in the future.

Did you know that doing good for others can improve your mental health? Kindness and mental health are deeply connected. What is Kingsley’s Rule Number One?


By creating a power of kindness calendar, you can make a list of ‘kind things’ that you want to do each day, for others or for yourself, then you can think about your kinds acts for each week; pick out one thing you want to celebrate, and one kind act someone did for you that made you feel happy. Celebrating and sharing positives is important.

Here’s a blank kindness calendar for you to print out – Click Here

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Primary Schools’ Wellbeing Booklet

Self-Care Kit

Relax leaflet

Stress Busters from our Heart Program

Coronavirus  Anxiety Toolkit