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Headteacher- Mrs Whittaker 

Deputy Headteacher- Miss Edwards

Chair of Governors- Mr Murphy


Kingsley Community School
Eversley Street
L8 2TU


Telephone: 0151 709 6727

Fax: 0151 708 5105




Kingsley Safeguarding Team 


If you have any concerns at all, about any child, please ask to make an appointment with one of our team.


Mrs Whittaker


Miss Edwards


Mrs Bedford


Mrs Kilpatrick 

Special Education Needs Coordinator

If you wish to discuss your child's special education needs, please feel free to make an appointment with Mr Harrison (School SENCO) through the school office. 


Additional Queries 

If you have any queries or questions about the school or regarding you child in school please speak to the class teacher at the door or alternatively you can make ask to speak to the head teacher, deputy head teacher, phase leaders or one of the mentor team.


Headteacher - Mrs Whittaker


Deputy Headteacher- Miss Edwards


Phase Leaders

EYFS Phase Leader - Mrs Kilpatrick

Years 1,2,3 Phase Leader- Ms Hughes

Years 4,5,6 Phase Leader Mr Wright


Mentor Team

Mrs Bedford

Ms Smith

Ms Bouzid

Mr McGovrin


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