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School Council 


The School Council are a group of pupils who are elected to work on very important projects across the school. They work with Ms Hughes to tackle various tasks. Sometimes they work with other children, sometimes, teachers and sometimes special guests!



September 2017 - School Council Elections

These are the projects that the school council worked on last year 2016-2017:


1. Working with Mr Harrison to make the playground safer and even more fun.


The playground is a very important part of every school day and our school council want to make sure that all the children of Kingsley get the most out of it.


So far this project has seen the children create a list of essential equipment that they feel will improve playtimes while making sure that everyone is still safe.


Their next steps are to find out out what the other children would like by conducting a survey. 


2. Working with Ms Connolly on the Liverpool Count Quality Mark project.


Playgrounds are important - but so is maths! Liverpool Council have started their own project to improve maths around the city. Our school council has risen to the challenge of helping in any way they can.


So far this project has the council writing up questionnaires and surveys for other children, asking - What do you like about Maths? What do you find difficult? What equipment helps you with your maths?


Once this part is completed, the council will ask adults from outside the school what they found difficult in school and how do they use maths in everyday adult life?


Wow! This year's school council are really trying to make an impact with their first term of being elected. Keep checking back to see how they get on!