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Welcome to our Enhanced Learning page where you will find different ways learning is created for children through exciting learning approaches and various learning interventions. Here you will meet children from Key Stage 1 and both our Year 3’s!! The children are very busy enjoying the journey of learning and are always very happy and proud to share their work with you on our website.


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Homework will be sent out weekly on Thursday, please work through this with your child and return to school by Wednesday.


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Mrs Begum

The prime areas for Year 2 Literacy is to support children develop confidence and self esteem with their writing. We have been practising developing our sentence structure by working on our grammar, spellings and punctuation. We have been looking at the story ‘Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?’ The children can now identify the setting, characteristics and features of the stories. We are also working on using adjectives in our writing.


Year 3 have been looking at Roald Dahl’s, ‘The Twits’ and have enjoyed doing lots of writing linked to ‘The Twit’s’.


In our Literacy intervention and skills lessons we will be studying grammar throughout the term. There will also be regular spelling and handwriting sessions.

Year 3 have been exploring writing using Roald Dahl's - 'The Twit's' as reference.

Children from Year 2 have been looking at developing sentence structure and applying adjectives. Book reference: Martin Waddell's - Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?

Catch Up Literacy – Reading Intervention

Catch Up Literacy is a structured one-to-one literacy intervention supporting children with word recognition and language comprehension with their reading.

Mantra Lingua

Interactive Literacy Intervention supporting blended learning for a more tactile and imaginative learning experience.

Parent Workshops


Parents have been attending various Literacy, Numeracy and Reading workshop every other Thursday to support learning at home.



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